Aku Luo Uno – Paraiso Montessori School, Awka [Photos]

Aku Luo Uno – Paraiso Montessori School, Awka 

‘Paraiso Montessori Schools’ … It sounds more like an Italian school for the elites. But no its is live in Anambra State echoing the the philosophy of ‘Aku Luo Uno’

At Ngozika Housing Estate phase 2, Awka is this marvellous edifice housing a Montessori school which beats almost all available standard built by non other but our own ‘Mr Reuben’. Asi aku ruo uno, o kwuo onye kpatari ya.

Simply tag it : Aku Luo unu - Paraiso Montessori School,  Awka

This paradise as the word ‘Paraiso’ depicts has world class facilities which include a football pitch, swimming pools, kids playground, basket ball court, ICT and science laboratories. A musical and study studios, air conditioned classrooms with white board and television sets for audio visual education.

Simply tag it : Aku Luo unu - Paraiso Montessori School,  Awka

According to Mr Reuben, “Paraiso” would have been built in Lagos or anywhere else but with the safe atmosphere in Anambra, he decided to build a Paradise in Awka where young minds will be inspired by offering Nigerian and British blend of Education”.

Mr Reuben, a proud son of Anambra keyed into “Aku Luo Uno” campaign embarked upon by the government of Anambra State to urge ndi Anambra, within Nigeria and beyond, to bring their investments home#ObianoEffect#. This Okosisi, nwoke Igbo ji eje mba is indeed doing us proud.

Okeosisi, Mazi Reuben did not just provide a quality and sound education for the future of Anambra and Ndi Igbo, he is an employer of Labour by creating both direct and indirect jobs. Above all, he is a mentor worthy of emulation.

Ekene dili nwata chetara ozo,

Aku Luo Uno…


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