Reporting Guidelines (Marketplace)

Guidelines for Sellers

Once you have completed a transaction, you have the ability to rate the other party via your Member Rating page as well as respond to any feedback left for you. You can revise your rating up to 90 days after the sale date.

Guidelines for Buyers

The following circumstances are conflicts that can be reported: Non-selling sellers: the seller accepted payment but failed to deliver the item(s) or service(s).

Materially different: the item received was not as described in the ad.

If you have experienced any of the above situations: First, you should make an attempt to contact the seller. There could be a reasonable justification (family emergency, technical problems, etc.) for a member’s delay in responding to messages.

If you have attempted to contact the seller and you have not been able to resolve the issue, you may file an abuse report. Reports must be initiated within 90 days from when the seller accepts your offer.

Upon reviewing your report, will send an email to the seller requesting they fulfill the terms of agreement. If members commit repeated offenses, NAF Marketplace may choose to suspend or terminate their account.

Other Issues

Please use our Form if you need to report any of the following: Offensive listings, Listings in the wrong category, Prohibited items or services (as defined by our Ad Guidelines), Harassment or offensive language, Privacy violations, Sellers/buyers who you believe are acting suspiciously

Please Note

NAF Marketplace provides an open marketplace in which sellers and buyers are responsible for all activity related to transactions, including the sale and exchange of goods and payment. will not intervene in general disagreements between members.