Community Guidelines

You are welcome Ndi Anambra Forum

cropped-ndianambraforum-logo.pngBelow are a list of guidelines and rules that we encourage members to follow so as to make everyone on this forum to feel at home here. If you believe that someone has violated these guidelines or you have noticed content that may otherwise require staff attention, please file a complaint about the said content by reporting it to the Forum Staff.

Community Guidelines

The following guidelines are put in place so that not only can we all be respectful of each other, but also so we speak our minds and have loads of fun doing it without being verbally bullied or harassed by another.

– Respect For Each Other
Here we maintained that all of us from Anambra state and by extension, Igbo and Nigerian people have equal rights and privileges as humans.

– Other People’s Opinion Should Be Respected.
Were your right stops is where another’s begins, so we expect you to remain respectful of other user’s opinions and realise that they are, at the end of the day, just opinions. Don’t bully others, don’t flame, don’t troll, don’t attack and you’ll be fine. People want to reply to topics casually, not walk on eggshells around two other bickering members.

– No Vulgarism
Choice of words matters, use of foul or lewd language within this community is strictly prohibited. We feel that there is no need for such crass words in casual discussion. If you feel you need to express extreme emotion there are far better ways to do it than to use offensive language. There is a community censor enabled that will actively filter our words or phrases we deem “offensive” or “inappropriate”. Do not attempt to circumvent this filter. Therefore, express extreme emotions with caution, responsibility and diligence.

Unsafe Materials (PG) Should Be Kept Off This Community We ask that you keep all unsafe material completely out of this community:

* Don’t post pornographic
* Derogatory
* Fetish materials either by fiction or otherwise, it’s    abhorrent here.

Casual”shipping”is only permitted to an extent they are not in anyway dehumanizing and immoral.

No Plagiarism; Respect Copyright Law
“In originality we believe”! So, if you copy please quote the source

* Be sure that your write up and articles are original or well researched

* Plagiarism is therefore not encouraged

Our Concern About You
We advise that you take heed and abstain from giving out certain personal information that could be used against you by some fraudulent internet operators and users.

* your phone numbers
* address
*personal pictures are needed at your wish.

– Substance Is Our Watchword

* here, we want every post to be substantial, qualitative and lasting
* keep your posts relevant to the forum category
* posts research works that provoke thoughts and are enlightening and educative are mostly desired.
* do all you can to put your posts among the best.
* Please avoid creating multiple threads, double  posting, bumping
threads, or posting useless content.

While these guidelines cover most common situations, they cannot
anticipate everything, so violations are judged on a case by case basis. The staff will generally make disciplinary decisions collaboratively, so that every member gets a fair chance. These guidelines govern every action you perform within the “” domain.

We are trying our best to make sure you get the best reception you can ever get on this forum, do help us to help you.

These guidelines were last updated March 27 2017.